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Soil that has become contaminated with petroleum or other chemical substances may have to be excavated and removed from the site in order to prevent further ground water contamination.

Where the soil is taken for disposal should be a primary concern not only for the generator, but for all who are involved in the clean-up.
Why? Because the twin legal perils known as "strict liability" and "joint and several liability". Under the doctrine of strict liability, your firm could be held responsible without proof of fault or negligence. With joint or several liability, each party is liable for the whole amount of the cleanup costs regardless of the degree of harm it contributed.

Who you deal with is important!

Their actions affect your liability!


Call a company with the knowledge and experience to get the job done. Expect to pay a fair and reasonable price. Don't risk your company's financial future to save a few bucks.
Alternative Disposal, Inc. is a fully insured contractor with coverage by a nationally recognized, rated insurer. A certificate of insurance will be provided for each project, naming your firm as an additional insured.
We deal with fully permitted facilities and can handle all types of soils:
  • Gas & Diesel, Non-Hazardous
  • CA Hazardous Soils
  • CA Hazardous Soils w/Metals
  • RCRA Soils including PCBs
As our name implies, we can offer you an "alternative" as to how your waste is treated. You may make an informed decision with full knowledge of the costs and liabilities.


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Disposal of Contaminated Soils

RCRA Hazardous Soils
California Hazardous Soils
Non Hazardous Soils